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montreal photographers

Single? Yeah, same. That said; chances are you spend some of your time swiping left and right on Tinder, and when it comes to online dating , pics are everything. To really put your best foot forward, you can hire a photographer to really up your dating game and finally ditch those selfies and fishing pics. Not dog pics though, those alway s work.

Montreal photographer, Marine Gibert, is offering her services through Airbnb Experiences for only $65. Not too shabby for some profesh dating pics, right? "You want new photos for your Tinder profile (or other dating apps)? I'll take the best photos so you'll have more matches!" Gibert says.

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Old Montreal shop Maison Pepin is bringing back its Christmas market alley . While in previous years, the alley has been a whimsical showcase for Pepin's seasonal goods, this year, it will be available exclusively for private photoshoot sessions.

Pepin has brought on event planning company Rox-Out to manage the event and studio Seance Photo to conduct the pet-friendly shoots. Customers who sign up will get a set of 10 photos.

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