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The owners of Montreal restaurant Nilufar say they found out about a listing for their space only after finding it online.

Nilufar took to social media to share the news, stating that they had no clue that their restaurant space at 1923 rue Sainte-Catherine O. was being listed for rent. Cult MTL was first to report this story.

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No lie, guys, living that foodie life is not cheap. Sometimes, you want great food, but you just can't sacrifice those hard-earned dollars. What is someone who loves eating out to do in such a situation?

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Photo cred - avlxyz

Montreal is a vibrant, multi-cultural city full of good food, including delicious Middle-Eastern dishes like shish taouk. It's worth clarifying that while traditional shish taouk is actually brochettes of chicken and by no means any less tasty, what we Montrealers know and love is actually called chicken shawarma. Shwaarma is slow cooked on a giant skewer and shaved into delectable pieces of chicken on order. It is then served in a pita bread and garnished with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickled turnip, and garlic sauce, or directly on a bed of rice and salad. Together with some garlic potatoes, the mighty shish taouk, aka chicken shawarma, is readily available in the downtown core and here are some of our top choices.

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Photo cred - Mister Sleeep

Eating cheap is equally easy and hella-hard to do in Montreal, both for pretty much the same reason. Montreal is home to so many different restaurants, which range from greasy spoon-y to super-swanky, making your dining options range from the lowest to the highest end. You could eat on the cheap, but you may just be swayed to pay a prettier penny for a ritzier dining experience.

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