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It seems like just about every business is having a promo these days. And we can't blame them, the last year hasn't exactly been easy. The same goes for apartments for rent in Montreal. But the good news for us is that it means some incredible deals for rentals.

While Montreal may not have the same exorbitant rental market like Toronto or Vancouver, free months rent is free months rent, you know? And with apartments like these, you can call them an absolute steal.

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It's become one of the biggest events in Montreal, and it's pretty much the only thing we have to looks forward to for the next little while. I'm talking of course about Igloofest.

The outdoor winter music festival party takes place every year in the Old Port of Montreal and this year is going to be bigger and better than ever.

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Wasting time on Facebook is pretty great, but did you know that posting and 'liking' pictures on Facebook could actually pay off?

One restaurant in Montreal called Sushi Plus wants to reward you for all that clicking by offering you a Free Sushi Buffet.

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Photo cred - Christopher Bill

A bar called the Club West Island just came up with the most brilliant promotion we've ever seen. Free beer! You may not think that giving out free beer is good for business, quite the opposite. That is until you find out the conditions of this promotion.

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