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The Government of Canada has opened five new Passport Canada offices across the country — with a pick-up location now in service in Pointe-Claire.

With the feds finally making progress with the passport backlog wait times should hopefully ease up with the newest measures in place.

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The Government of Canada is finally starting to make positive strides in reducing the passport backlog. Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, Karina Gould released a statement on July 15, 2022, notifying Canadians that the feds are "starting to put a dent in the [passport] backlog."

"Canadians deserve access to timely, efficient, and transparent passport delivery services. We're continuing to tackle big challenges in the passport program, and as the summer progresses, thanks to the hard work of Service Canada staff, we continue to see improvements in service delivery," Minister Gould said.

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The government is in the process of filling a Service Canada job bank and it's advertising salaries of between $61,152 and $65,887.

On an online recruitment page, the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) office says it needs to fill 45 benefits officer and program officer positions in Quebec and encourages qualified individuals to apply.

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