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This weather is seriously getting depressing. 

Montrealers aren't asking for much, at this point we don't want the warmest summer, or the sunniest summer. We just want a few days where we don't have to leave the house with an umbrella. Is that really too much to ask? 

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 Statistically, March is by far the worst month when it comes to huge snowstorms.

Here are the top 5 worst snowstorms to hit Montreal in March:

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The snow might not be falling just yet, but it looks like the warm summer days are nearly behind us. After walking outside in a t-shirt and immediately regretting it, I turned to the Weather Network to see if the afternoon would be better. And it turns out I should have just kept it a mystery.

The daily forecast sucked, 20°C degrees and a risk of thunderstorms, and tomorrow looks even worse. So I looked further to find out when our next warm sunny day would be and ... nothing.

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