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sushi crescent

Photo Cred - Michael Fletcher

Many people only think of ramen as a quick meal for broke students. But contrary to popular belief, the dish can easily be classed up and turned into one of the best meals that Japanese cuisine has to offer. There are lots of different ways to serve ramen, and we love all of them. Here are the best ramen places in Montreal.

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As you say goodbye to one hell of a long cold week, treating yourself is definitely a must. Now we're not talking about chugging some brews and downing a couple of celebratory shots (although engaging in such an activity is encouraged over the weekend), we're taking about treating yourself to some sushi. Coming across a Montrealer who doesn't love sushi is rare. The variety of Asian fusion restaurants in this city is impeccable, but today, (and every other day), don't just settle for a pre-made box, go all out with some 'all you can eat' sushi!

Lunch: $15
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