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the blue dog motel

Photo Cred - Benoit Vermette

Montreal is well-known to be a music platform in North America. MTL Blog Events compiled the best 30 shows in February 2015 around the city! Promoters, venues and entertainment companies such as Evenko prepared amazing performances for the public in the next 28 days. From Le Belmont, New City Gas, Apt.200, SAT and Bell Center, the city has much to offer.

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Photo Cred - Adrian Villagomez

For most of you, school is on it's way and it is one of your last weekend to party intensively. Our journalist at MTL Blog Events compiled the best things to do in Montreal this weekend for your enjoyment and assured hangovers. From Thursday to Sunday, we give you the opportunity to have something nice to do every evening, every night. Check it out below!

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