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urban shooting range

Montreal boasts a ridiculous amount of fun activities to do with your S/O on any given day, but few of them involve 2 for 1 discounts and even fewer, a mini arsenal of fire arms to shoot stuff with. You might remember us telling you about Tir du Soleil back in May when they gave the fine women of this city a chance to shoot guns for free (heck you might have even been one of them), and now the urban shooting range are inviting you and your special friend to take aim, because a couple that shoots together, stays together.

Looking for a fresh date idea? Well it really doesn't get more unique than showing off your sharp-shooting skills , you know, in real life, and not just on your TV. Tir du Soleil offers a range of affordable packages to choose from which include a variety of different name-brand airguns, with unlimited targets, bullets and professional instruction provided, but for all you lovers out there, until September 1, get the full shooting experience with their "Super-Rambo" package for half the price.

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It seems drinks are not the only things women can get for free in May, as Montreal’s only urban shooting range wants to give all the ladies of the city an opportunity to try something new and exciting that all the men will have to pay for. Sure, it's a little unfair toward us guys, but I think we can let them have this one.

We've been to Tir du Soleil before , so we can definitely confirm that shooting air-guns is wicked good fun, but there's a tendency to associate the activity as boys only, and in my experience, that's a complete fallacy. Plenty of women would've loved to shoot me a few times over the years if they'd had the chance, but I digress.

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