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Montreal Bars You Need To Go To If You Wanna Get Lit On Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

When the week is your weekend.
Montreal Bars You Need To Go To If You Wanna Get Lit On Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Guys, I'm going to be straight-up with you: I'm a pretty big party animal. For me, the weekends are made for living it up with friends... and the weekdays? Yeah, they're not much different.

I mean, I know I'm not the only one. Plenty of us know how to balance that party life along with our responsibilities, like work and school. And some of us... well, some of us are doing our best. 

Thankfully, there are many solid, classic spots to get turnt during the weekday in Montreal. Some spots even have drink specials and/or events going down on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, meaning you don't have to stop the party just because it's a weekday!

Le Saint Édouard 

Via Le Saint Édouard Bar de quartier

808 Rosemont Blvd

Honestly, you cannot spell fun without "Le Saint Edouard".

Okay, you can, but trust, without this Rosemont bar de quartier, your week would be super boring. A night out at St. Ed means basking in their signature casual/crazy atmosphere, no matter when you go.

But if you show up on a Wednesday, you'll make it just in time for their ladies night, where ladies get free shots and DJ Carl Muren from Beach club, as well as DJ Wordy Word from the Montreal Canadiens.

Oh, and if you're an oyster lover, then good news. Thursdays at Le St. Ed means $1 oysters during their 5 a 7, plus live music by DJ Figure 8 from Omnikrom. Sounds like a good time to me!


Don B Comber

3616 St Laurent Blvd

I honestly believe with all my heart and soul that the terrasse at the Main's Don B. is what dreams are made of. The terrasse - and the bar in general - has one of the most chill, relaxing, and fun vibes, it's basically the perfect spot to chill on a Tuesday or Thursday. You're gonna wanna be there early on Tuesdays as it gets packed pretty early!

But if the good vibes aren't enough for you, then no worries - their awesome weeknight events are 514% going to impress you! Don B is famous for their Tuesday night "Mardi A Nanas" event, where ladies get VIP treatment from 10 PM to 12 AM.

They've got even more shit going down on Thursdays with DJ SHASH'U who also mixed at Osheaga this year. Their "Jeudi Swish" weekly events have specials on Ketel One and Veuve Cliquot bottles before midnight, as well as 10 shots of Jager for $30. Party on, friends. Party on.



390 Notre Dame W

If you're looking for a good time, look no further than this extremely fun Old Montreal bar/club. Peopl is pretty much the choice for any and every Montreal who loves to party, and it isn't hard to see why.

Although Peopl is fun every single day of the week, they really know how to amp up a weekday! On Wednesdays, a trip to Peopl will score you VIP treatment for ladies until 1:00 AM, plus house and hip-hop beats mixed by DJs Avi Large, Ken-J, and Arabika, as part of their "Mercredi Bazaar" nights.

Oh, and PS, if weekdays aren't your cup of tea, no worries. Sunday night, Peopl starts off your week the right way with their "La Parisienne" soiree: a mix of afrobeat and French rap music, mixed by DJ Ken-J.

Once again, make sure to arrive there early. Peopl is THE Sunday spot in Montreal so it gets full early!



7 Prince Arthur St W

Personal story time: some of my very best memories ever were created at this St. Laurent/Prince Arthur institution. It's one of the first clubs I ever went to, and it remains one of my faves to this day.

Of course, that's because of how much fun it is! During the weekend, Rouge's two floors can get kind of crowded - which is why my favourite time to hit it is on Thursday nights. Although it's still packed full of fun, Thursdays tend to be a little bit more chill... but still wild, in typical Rouge fashion.

Plus, Thursday nights also happen to be VIP ladies nights at Rouge, which means for $10, ladies get open bar all. Night. Long. Guys, BRB, I've found my new home.


Honestly, Montreal's party scene doesn't just have to be a Thursday - Saturday situation. Party fans, let your wild flags fly free, and enjoy all that Montreal's nightlife has to offer, any day of the week!

For more information, check out Le Saint Édouard, Don B. Comber, Peopl, and Rouge on Facebook!