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For most Quebecers moving this summer, this time of year means packing boxes, moving trucks, apartment visits, etc. You have to admit that all of this stuff can seem pretty stressful, especially during a pandemic.  

Still, there's no need to panic. Ville de Montréal is there to guide you through this phase and give you tips on how to safely and happily move into your new home.

1. Delegate or postpone the move if you feel sick   

If you experience COVID-19 symptoms on moving day, it's best to postpone or ask someone you trust to take over instead.

2. Be sure to follow all hygiene procedures  

Kate Trifo | Unsplash

Whether before, during, or after the move, it's important to follow basic health guidelines to ensure your safety and that of your entourage. Coughing and sneezing into your elbow, keeping a distance of two metres from others, wearing a mask, and washing your hands for 20 seconds (or using hand sanitizer) are the basic rules for safe interactions.

3. Be organized and thorough   

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While moving during a pandemic can seem challenging, just remember that it's all a matter of preparation and coordination. To avoid foot traffic, prepare a schedule so that moving crews and residents don't bump into each other.

Check with your neighbours so that you’re not moving at the same time, plan your departure times with those helping you, and contact the people moving into your old place to coordinate your respective schedules.

4. Manage your boxes and logistics effectively

To reduce unnecessary back and forth trips, place your boxes in strategic places: at the entrance of rooms, your apartment, or your building. This will make travelling easier and will also minimize physical contact.

To avoid contamination or bedbugs, it's best to wrap and pack up your sheets, pillows, clothes, etc., as well as possible. You can learn more tips and tricks here.

5. Make your trips safe  

Most of us already know this, but it's always a good reminder: only people living under the same roof should sit in the same vehicle.

If this recommendation isn't possible to follow, each passenger should wear a face mask and disinfect their hands.

6. Clean the surfaces that have been touched the most

Whether before, during, or after the move, be sure to clean all the most-touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches, faucets, appliances, the steering wheel of any vehicle used, etc.

7. Do a thorough cleaning  

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Once you arrive at your new home, top-to-bottom cleaning is essential. Throw on some good music to make this task more fun and relaxing.

8. Dispose of furniture wisely

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If you want to get rid of your big old furniture, the city recommends avoiding ecocentres and opting for the collection services before your move.

For an eco-responsible move, remember that upholstered furniture (like sofas and mattresses) goes to the household waste collection. Non-upholstered furniture and construction debris go to the collection of bulky items.

9. Get rid of hazardous waste properly  

If you want to throw out toxic products like paint or solvents, never put them in the garbage; they go to the collection of hazardous household waste.

Side note: did you know that nail polish is considered hazardous? You can take a look at the list of hazardous household items for more details. You may be in for a few surprises!

10. Learn your new waste-collection schedule

Ville de Montréal

If all these different categories are confusing and you don't know where to start, check out the collection schedule of your new neighbourhood in order to properly manage your garbage.

11. Celebrate outdoors

Photo by Johanna Dahlberg on Unsplash

After a big move, it's always nice to thank those who helped us with a good pizza and a cold beer. This year, opt for an outdoor gathering and order each person their own dish to avoid any contamination.

Feeling ready to move into your new place? By respecting the city's health guidelines and being organized, your experience can be a safe and enjoyable one!

For more tips on moving safely this summer, visit Montréal's website. You can also follow the city on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.