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edouard montpetit

The massive man-made maw we call Édouard-Montpetit station of the Réseau express métropolitain (REM) is still under construction. According to information REM officials shared with MTL Blog, one of the station's five high-speed elevators is near completion and the towering contraptions will take commuters down the first 50 metres of the station's 70-metre depth, making it the deepest metro station in Canada.

Outside the station, glass panels have been installed as one of the "signature" architectural elements of the station. The panels are intended to evoke both a "sense of security" and the "sensation of 'seeing and being seen,'" according to the REM. Once complete, the station's platforms will take travellers from Outremont to downtown in three minutes.

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Now that we've all seen what the REM trains are going to look like, what about the stations?

After the renderings of the West Island station were recently released to the public, people have been eagerly anticipating what the REM's busiest downtown stations might look like once they're done. 

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For the first time in a century, an old subterranean secret in Montreal is seeing daylight. The REM construction in downtown has finally reached the old Mount Royal tunnel, a 100-year-old passage that was once intended to be used as a metro line until former mayor Jean Drapeau had other plans. 

It has since been used for commuter trains.

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Guys, every so often, you stumble upon something so awesome that it just needs to be shared.

This Instagram account we recently discovered? Yeah, totally an example of that.

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