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With an aim to help "vulnerable populations" in the city, there are now nine new Montreal WiFi spots where locals can go to get free internet access, besides libraries

"Drop-in centres are safe places open to the public for free access to the internet while respecting public health rules," a press release from April 17 reads.

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At a joint press conference on Monday, Quebec Premier François Legault and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced an investment of $826 million dollars to connect 150,000 Quebec homes to high-speed internet by 2022. 

"It's a historic announcement that we're making today," said Legault. 

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It's official, you can now use your cellphone in at least half of Montreal's STM Metro network.

The project which started in 2014 is going strong, and as of yesterday 34 out of 68 stations are connected to the new LTE network. 

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Updated Info: This Is Montreal's All-New "Free Wi-Fi Map", And How To Connect To It

Two years ago, Montreal first announced plans to deploy free city wide Wi-Fi coverage and it the plan will be taking a big step this summer. 

As of now the Free Wi-Fi network can be accessed in the Old Port of Montreal as well as the area surrounding the Palais des Congres. 

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When it comes to our neighbours, one thing is certain - we don’t have very much in common. Although we share the same continent, the same television and even the same music, we are still very different.

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If you had to bet right now, what's the most used word in Canada? Most people would probably guess the word 'Sorry'. But it turns out we're not so stereotypical after all.

Okay fine so we're still pretty fuckin' polite compared to the Americans as this photo demonstrates. 

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Making a Murderer is a Netflix documentary series about Steven Avery, his family and how they are dealing with the fact that he has seemingly been found guilty not once, but twice, for crimes that he did not commit. It makes you question police corruption, the judiciary system, and really just makes you wonder what the heck is going on within (and between) Manitowoc County, Wisconsin’s sheriff’s department and the state’s criminal justice system – and you consider how representative the story is to those institutions in society as a whole.

It’s a scary thought, and should be, even for those who aren’tsure whether or notSteven Avery, along with his nephew Brendan Dassey, ARE guilty for the murder of Teresa Halbach.

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You may or may not know that Justin Bieber broke the internet this week. He was caught walking around completely naked during his luxurious vacation in Bora Bora. Turns out, Justin is a very gifted artist, if you know what I mean. Mr. Bieber definitely didn't need to stuff socks down his undies for his Calvin Klein campaign.

So how does he react to the leaked photos? Like a BOSS! He didn't actually comment on the incident itself, but he did post a shirtless selfie on Instagram and that's basically the same thing as saying: "Fvck you Internet!"

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Finally a bit of good news for anyone who rides the orange metro line. In the next couple of months you'll be able to access the STM's 3G, 4G and 4G LTE internet networks from any station between Sherbrooke and Cote-Vertu.

The president of the STM announced Monday that this project should be completed by the start of 2016 so there's only a couple of months left as long as everything goes according to plan. And why wouldn't it? Everyone knows things get done on time and under budget here in Montreal. Okay so I may be a bit skeptical, but still, at least we know we'll have a proper internet connection in the metro eventually.

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Facebook went down today, and for someone like me whose job depends on internet traffic it can be pretty stressful. And yet I'm always amazed at the panic that sets in among everyone else. It really makes you realize just how dependent we are on the social media platform.

Since it's bound to happen again eventually we figured we'd let you know the essential steps you should take when Facebook goes down.

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If you have internet access, then you're either aware of reddit or you've at least heard that name in the past. Reddit is a massive online community who post and share links with each other across different message boards called "subreddits." These groups are moderated and run by thousands of unpaid volunteers who spends hours of their own time ensuring everything runs smoothly. Some of the  bigger subreddits such as /r/IAMA often involve members of the Reddit administration.

On Thursday July 2nd, the moderators of /r/IAMA (the most popular subreddit on the whole site) decided to set their group to private, meaning only the moderators would have access to its content. This group has over 8 million subscribers and shutting it down, even for a day causes a massive drop in traffic on reddit, which is bad for their pocket books. But why would the moderators do that?

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