Montreal Has 9 New Spots Where You Can Get Free WiFi Around The City

The city hopes this will help to bridge the "digital divide."
Montreal Has 9 New Spots Where You Can Get Free WiFi Around The City

With an aim to help "vulnerable populations" in the city, there are now nine new Montreal WiFi spots where locals can go to get free internet access, besides libraries

"Drop-in centres are safe places open to the public for free access to the internet while respecting public health rules," a press release from April 17 reads.

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The city claimed these new drop-in centres help in trying to resolve "the digital divide issues, which were present long before the pandemic" in Montreal. "Access to the Internet and computer equipment, as well as digital literacy, are now necessary to access essential services and participate fully in our democracy."

Individiuals can visit any of the following places to access free Wi-Fi:

  • Centre communautaire Multi-ethnique de Montréal-Nord; 11 121, ave. Salk Suite 103, Bureau 5A
  • Maison culturelle et communautaire de Montréal-Nord; 12 004, boul. Rolland
  • Mairie d'arrondissement; 4 555, rue de Verdun
  • Centre communautaire Elgar; 260, rue Elgar
  • Centre communautaire Marcel-Giroux; 4 501, ave. Bannantyne
  • Quai 5160 - Maison de la culture de Verdun; 5 160, boul. LaSalle
  • Chalet de parc Toussaint-Louverture; 127, boul. De Maisonneuve Est
  • Centre communautaire de loisirs Sainte-Catherine d'Alexandrie; 1 700, rue Atateken
  • Centre Jean-Claude-Malépart; 2 633, rue Ontario Est

Mayor Valérie Plante said, "With the drop-in centers, we are innovating to allow the most vulnerable populations to have access to the Internet to keep in touch with their support system, to work, to shop, or to educate themselves."