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There are tons of reasons why you'd rather not wait 24 hours or more for your COVID-19 test results, and thanks to the newly opened Go Test Rapide in Montreal, you'll no longer have to.

No appointment is necessary at this drive-thru clinic located in Saint-Laurent.

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With a virus ruling our lives at the moment, many of us are thinking about germs: Where are they? How do we avoid them? What spots in Montreal are dirtier than others? 

Dilhan Perera, a PhD candidate in experimental medicine at McGill University and local TikToker with 670,400 followers, decided to investigate by conducting an actual experiment and posting the results to TikTok.

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In the midst of the second wave of COVID-19, the Quebec government will soon launch a new tech tool designed to improve the screening process — and it may help you receive your test results more quickly.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services made this announcement on October 22 in a press release.

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Yesterday we asked you, the readers of MTLBlog your opinion on an issue that's been in the news a lot lately. The so-called war between Uber cars and taxi drivers that's been going on in Montreal and in other major cities around the world.

The issue is pretty cut and dry: taxis pay ridiculously expensive fees to operate, then along comes a new company that does the same thing without all the fees. Taxi drivers felt cheated that suddenly anyone could operate a taxi because they were essentially "stealing" their clients. Uber drivers and their supporters however feel that you can't stop progress and that the taxi industry needs to either adapt or die.

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