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According to a study by digital automotive company Twinner, Montreal ranks among the most honest cities in the world but is actually the least honest city in Canada. 

By evaluating six metrics — "transparency in government," "transparency in society," "transparency in economy," "civic honesty," "perception of theft" and "car dealer reviews" — the company put our fine city in 54th place out of 350 cities included in the study.

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As the pandemic rages on, experts say the Legault government is still not sharing important data that could help contain the crisis. Though its daily reports provide a general summary of recent COVID-19 activity in Quebec, the province isn't sharing some important details, according to a group of researchers, students, and activists called COVID-19 Resources Canada.

They say that the government's reports are missing more in-depth data on cases, the success (or failure) of contact tracing and models that estimate how many people are likely to get sick.

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