Most Honest Cities In The World Ranking Puts Montreal At 54

According to a study by digital automotive company Twinner, Montreal ranks among the most honest cities in the world but is actually the least honest city in Canada. 

By evaluating six metrics — "transparency in government," "transparency in society," "transparency in economy," "civic honesty," "perception of theft" and "car dealer reviews" — the company put our fine city in 54th place out of 350 cities included in the study.

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Montreal got high marks for "transparency in society" but its overall ranking cratered thanks to a comparatively dismal "civic honesty" score. 

The city also ranked highly for values like "perception of theft" and "transparency in government."

Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and even Edmonton of all places are considered more honest than Montreal according to Twinner's study.

As for the most honest city in Canada? That honour goes to Ottawa, ranked at number 14 in the world.