7 Celebs Who Own Multi-Million Dollar Homes In Quebec

Homes of the rich and famous.
7 Celebs Who Own Multi-Million Dollar Homes In Quebec

Oh, to live the life of a celebrity. Sure, you're always under the critical eye of the public, but you also get to enjoy perks most of us don't have access to. Namely huge bank accounts that allow celebrities to afford just about any living space.

Of course, not all famous folk are mega rich, but the two categories intersect more often than not. And some of these famously-rich citizens of the world call (or have called) Quebec their home, buying or building luxurious estates in our fair province.

From Celine to Halle Berry, check out some of the celebs you didn't know had magical mansions in Quebec below.

Michael Douglas // Mont Tremblant

Hollywood power couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones came to Quebec back in 2005 and snatched up their own waterside property. Specifically, their home is on Lac Desmarais, an area where homes are start at a not-so-modest $2 million. Unfortunately, finding photos of their secluded estate was pretty difficult, but you can see an exterior shot here.

Pauline Marois // La Closerie

Former Quebec Premier Pauline Marois definitely knows how to live in luxury, as her 12,000 sq/ft home, known as La Closerie, demonstrates. Sold for $6.8 million a couple of years ago, the Île Bizard estate has seven full bedrooms and was styled after Captain Haddock's (from the Tintin comics) country home, Marlinspike Hall. You can see inside the mansion in the HuffPost slideshow here.

Halle Berry // Saint-Hippolyte

For a while, the one and only Halle Berry took time from the Hollywood life and spent it in her modernly chic cabin in Saint-Hippolyte, Quebec. The Catwoman star purchased (yes, I know she's been in far better films but we can never forget Catwoman) the 2,500 square feet cabin with her former beau Gabriel Aubry, but has since sold the estate. Notable perks included heated floors and a private lake.

Mario Lemieux // Mont Tremblant

A full 15,000 sq/ft, this luscious Quebec home took $20 million to make, and features 23 rooms with 10 bathrooms. The owner, who bought the estate in 2012, in none other than NHL franchise owner Mario Lemiux. Situated in Mont Tremblant, the home is built to be like a Swiss castle, and is completed with a heated tennis court. Because all castles had one of those back in the day.

Guy Laliberté // Saint Bruno National Park

Cirque du Soleil's founder and CEO has quite the magnificent nature-filled estate in Saint Bruno National Park. Next to a mountain, the house has been heralded as an "architectural gem," and was the site of some of the most insane parties ever, according to a Maclean's feature on Laliberté's Grand Prix jamborees. It was basically sex, drugs, beauty, and opulence taken to the next level, which only makes the home all that alluring.

Lawrence Stroll // Mont Tremblant

One of Canada's newest billionaires, business mogul Lawrence Stroll calls Mont Tremblant home. Stroll is also known to have a rather ritzy Montreal estate, but his Mont Tremblant is where he keep all of his luxury cars. Finding photos of the house itself was quite a challenge, but if the garage (and its automotive contents) is any indicator, the home is definitely swanky.

Celine Dion // Laval

Don't be fooled by the fact that this home is in Laval, because Celine made sure to build the 24,000 sq/ft mansion on its own private island. Diva-level luxurious, Celine no longer lives in the epic estate, as it was solid in 2013 for a whopping $30 million. You can peek inside via the HuffPost slideshow here.

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