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I Tried The XL Burger Available For A Limited Time At Harvey's & Here's What I Thought

It's back!

Harvey's 'The Big Harv' Burger Is Back In Canada But Only For A Limited Time

Harvey's has just brought back one of its heavy hitters — the unforgettable Big Harv. For many Canadians, the name alone will bring back fond memories and make mouths water.

After first appearing in 2018, the Big Harv has returned and, just like in past years, it boasts premium-quality ingredients: two large 100% Canadian beef patties, a poppyseed Ace Bakery bun, two slices of cheese and Harvey's famous Harv sauce. This hefty burger will satisfy the appetite of even the most voracious eater.

This famous burger is available across Canada, but only until September 26, so I wanted to try it for myself before I missed my chance. I went for the classic version, but if you're feeling a bit more indulgent, you can add bacon to your Big Harv — the perfect thing to complement the grilled beef.

Once you have chosen the base for your burger, the next step is to pick your toppings at their one-of-a-kind garnish counter. You can customize your Big Harv with Harvey's huge selection of sauces and condiments (in addition to the Harv sauce, of course). I opted for relish and some chipotle for that extra smoky flavour.

Courtesy of Damien Lorenté

My first bite had the perfect meat-to-cheese ratio. The Harv sauce isn't too much and gives the burger a delicious flavour and slightly creamy texture that doesn't overpower the beef. If you prefer your burger to have a flame-grilled taste, then you'll definitely want to add bacon.

Size-wise, the Big Harv lives up to its name. It's so filling that I didn't even have room for dessert. As someone who loves a big burger, and often finds myself still hungry after eating one, that's saying something.

Courtesy of Harvey's

If you, like me, seem to have a bottomless pit for a stomach, then this double beef burger is for you. And with all the different topping combinations available, you might just be tempted to go back and try a different version each time.

You can even put on some motivational music to help you get in the burger-eating mood with Harvey's Québec's Spotify playlist, which also happens to be a great summer road trip playlist too.

The Big Harv burger starts at just $7.79 or $11.29 for the combo, and you can enjoy yours in a Harvey's restaurant or have it delivered straight to your door.

To learn more about the Big Harv, check out Harvey's website or follow them on Spotify, Facebook or Instagram.

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This article was originally published in French on Narcity Quebec.

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