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Like a findom sub, Pornhub might soon be strapped for cash.

MindGeek, its Montreal-based parent company, has been targeted with a $500 million class-action lawsuit over claims it failed to prevent unlawful content from being posted to the web.

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A Montreal-based comics company, Horizon Comics Production, is currently suing Marvel for copyright infringement. This is their second attempt at suing Marvel Entertainment and its parent company, Disney.

The trouble all started when Ben and Raymond Lai, the founders of Horizon Comics Production, saw Iron Man 3. The Iron Man suit got a shiny redesign for this film, one that the Lai brothers felt was too similar to the suit worn by Caliban, a character in Horizon Comic's Radix series from 2001.

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The City of Montreal and Formula E organizers have finally reached a settlement after five long years of deliberations and arguments. The saga, which involved a lawsuit against the city and Mayor Valérie Plante following a cancelled 2018 race, is finally over thanks to the out-of-court agreement. 

In a press release, Benoit Dorais, chairman of the executive committee responsible for finance and legal affairs, said that the city "authorized an out-of-court settlement in the amount of capital, interest and costs of $3 million payable by the City to Formula E Opérations Limitée (FEO) in full and final settlement of the case."

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Listen up, Quebec ginger ale drinkers — you could be owed money and not even know it!  

If you bought five or more Canada Dry Ginger Ale soft drinks in Quebec between January 14, 2016 and November 11, 2020, you're likely eligible for up to $7.50 as compensation for a proposed class-action lawsuit settlement. 

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You ever see those stores downtown, trapped behind never-ending construction and wonder how the hell they survive?  

They usually don't, that's problem. And sadly, it's happening as we speak on Bishop Street. 

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Three major cigarette companies have been ordered to pay smokers $15 billion dollars in what is believed to be the biggest class action lawsuit in Canada. The 3 companies have been accused of lying to their customers for 50 years about the health risks involved with smoking, colluding to hide that information from the public, and choosing profits over the health of their customers.

The three firms are Imperial Tobacco, Rothmans/Benson & Hedges and JTI-Macdonald. The judge hasn't yet decided on how those funds will be distributed.

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