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If you don't have a side hustle, then you probably know someone who does. It's become the key small-business buzzword in recent times — and for good reason.

Many millennials and zoomers are coming to the realization that a corporate nine-to-five job doesn't suit what they want in life. For some, the restriction of the 40-hour workweek is unappealing, while others struggle to find work that aligns with their personal values.

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Like in many cities, businesses in Montreal have suffered due to the pandemic. If the lack of income and funds weren't damaging enough, minimal marketing at such a dire time could make or break a company. But it's not always so easy.

That's where Concordia Marketing Aid Clinic (CMAC) comes in.

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Enjoying a high-paying career used to mean trudging to an office every day. Well, not anymore. Companies have been retooling their workforces to contain the transmission of COVID-19, which means there are more remote job opportunities in Montreal than ever before.

Working remotely means a dramatic shortening of your daily commute because your office is just a few steps away from where you slept.

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Unpaid internships are awesome. Think about it - a company invites you to work for them with the knowledge that you have no practical experience. It's the ultimate education in the field without the risk of getting fired, and assuming you don't mess up royally, you get an awesome reference, or even a job waiting for you when you graduate. Frankly, I'm suspicious of any university program that doesn't require an interning experience.

Montreal is currently chock-full of internship opportunities, so here I've compiled what seemed like the ones that looked the most fun - or at least like they'd look really interesting on a CV.

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