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6 Montreal Jobs You Can Do From Home For At Least $60,000 A Year

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6 Remote Jobs In Montreal With Salaries Of At Least $60,000 A Year

Enjoying a high-paying career used to mean trudging to an office every day. Well, not anymore. Companies have been retooling their workforces to contain the transmission of COVID-19, which means there are more remote job opportunities in Montreal than ever before.

Working remotely means a dramatic shortening of your daily commute because your office is just a few steps away from where you slept.

It also means fewer distractions from chatty coworkers and a reduction in office drama but it doesn’t have to mean less money.

Check out this list of high-paying professional jobs that can be done from home.

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Documentation Clerk

Salary: $63,830 – $79,788

Company: VIA Rail Canada

Why You Should Apply: The clerk will be responsible for, among other things, "[developing] and [administering] document control policies and procedures including all correspondence, email," and "project documents."

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Video Game Art Director

Salary: $28.97/hour

Company: Guerre & Quêtes

Why You Should Apply: This studio in Saint-Eustache (on the North Shore) is looking for an experienced and qualified artist to help "define a strong artistic vision that will strengthen and enhance the creative direction, story and design of the game."

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Marketing Automation Specialist

Salary: $60,000 –$75,000, depending on commission

Company: Paper

Why You Should Apply: Paper is a tech company that partners with schools to help provide e-learning tools and it’s looking for a marketing automation specialist to join the team.

Responsibilities include "generating and nurturing leads through email marketing and marketing automation."

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Sales Representative

Salary: $72,000+, depending on commission

Company: Yellow Pages

Why You Should Apply: The Yellow Pages has been in the game since 1908 is still going strong. It's looking for a sales representative and you’ll be expected to make cold calls.

Cold calling is hard for most people as prospective clients will hang-up on you unmercifully, but hey, it takes toughness to sell things.

And the company is offering a full benefits package and opportunities to advance.

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Senior Product Manager

Salary: $100,000 – $150,000

Company: Silofit

Why You Should Apply: Silofit is looking to transform the industry through a "platform that enables fitness and wellness professionals run their business completely independently from traditional gyms."

The manager will have a wide range of responsibilities, including "[developing] product strategy," "[launching] new products" and "supporting the team in effective collaboration."

Also, this job comes with a bunch of benefits including a Macbook computer, flexible hours, annual trips and a “welcome swag pack.”

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Script Writer

Salary: $60,000 – $90,000

Company: NetEase Games Montréal

Why You Should Apply: The scriptwriter has the fun job of "developing fully realized, emotionally compelling characters, factions, situations, backstory and dialogues."

A successful applicant has at least five years of experience in video game writing.

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