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A Group Of Concordia Students Is Offering FREE Marketing Services To Local Businesses

Concordia Marketing Aid Clinic offers a wide range of services.
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A Group Of Concordia Students Is Offering FREE Marketing Services To Local Businesses

Like in many cities, businesses in Montreal have suffered due to the pandemic. If the lack of income and funds weren't damaging enough, minimal marketing at such a dire time could make or break a company. But it's not always so easy.

That's where Concordia Marketing Aid Clinic (CMAC) comes in.

Started by a group of Concordia students whose favourite restaurant was forced to close, the group provides free marketing services to small businesses and non-profit organizations in the city.

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As a business student, [I figured] maybe there was a way I could help.

William Boucher, CMAC Founder & President

"You have to make that transition from being physical to being digital," says William Boucher, CMAC Founder & President. "That can be really hard to adapt."

The idea of the clinic is similar to that of the Legal Information Clinic at the school: students in the relevant field offering high-quality services for free to members of the community.

What started as three students with a simple idea in August has grown to 15, with more and more students reaching out to get involved.

CMAC can provide a range of experiences, including video creation, social media copy and marketing plans. The group works with restaurants, non-profits and other small businesses.

"It's a win-win situation," Boucher explains. "We're giving back to the community and all of these students are gaining experience."

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