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The European Union has recommended that EU member states lift non-essential travel restrictions for 10 new countries and Canada is one of them, bringing the list to 23 countries.

That means Canadians could be allowed to travel to Europe — just for the fun of it — sooner. But the final decision is left up to each individual member state and the EU's recommendations are not legally binding.

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Being a Desjardins member comes with lots of perks. One of these benefits is that when the financial cooperative makes surpluses at the end of the year, it shares part of them with its members in the form of member dividends.

If you're a member, you might have already noticed that Desjardins has deposited an amount into your accounts. That's your member dividend, and it's your share of the surpluses made by your caisse and Desjardins Group.

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COVID-19 has taken a destructive toll on Montrealers since the start of the pandemic in March — in more ways than one. And sometimes it makes you wonder, "Where are the feel-good news stories in Quebec?" 

With mass business closures and job losses, increased financial woes have impacted everyone in the city — whether non-essential workers struggling to support their families or essential workers facing the virus from the front lines every single day.

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