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Those who were worried about encountering roadblocks between Quebec's regions need not worry, according to Premier François Legault. 

At the COVID-19 press briefing on Thursday, the premier responded to calls from some municipalities to set up such roadblocks between Montreal and the Laurentians as cases continue to mount in the province. 

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Sainte-Adèle and Saint-Sauveur in the Laurentians, still in the orange zone, were reportedly swarmed with people from red zones over the weekend of November 7 and 8 because they wanted to take advantage of open restaurants and activities, despite the bans.

The mayors of both municipalities have asked the government to bring back travel checkpoints.

In a November 9 interview on radio CIME.FM, Sainte-Adèle mayor Nadine Brière explained her concerns about the Laurentians being "invaded" by the red zone population.

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