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Red-Zoners Reportedly Swarmed The Laurentians This Weekend To Get Some Orange Zone Freedom

The mayors have asked the government to bring back roadblocks.
Red-Zoners Reportedly Swarmed The Laurentians This Weekend To Get Some Orange Zone Freedom

Sainte-Adèle and Saint-Sauveur in the Laurentians, still in the orange zone, were reportedly swarmed with people from red zones over the weekend of November 7 and 8 because they wanted to take advantage of open restaurants and activities, despite the bans.

The mayors of both municipalities have asked the government to bring back travel checkpoints.

In a November 9 interview on radio CIME.FM, Sainte-Adèle mayor Nadine Brière explained her concerns about the Laurentians being "invaded" by the red zone population.

She indicated that the same problem occurs in Saint-Sauveur and that roadblocks would be the best solution to protect the population in the orange zone.

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If transmission happens, it will not come from [our] citizens, it will come from external sources.

Nadine Brière, Mayor of Sainte-Adèle 

The mayor added: "The government has tried [tactics for] prevention in the last few weeks, but now people are not listening. We're at a point where it's going to require roadblocks."

She reminded people that the problem does not come from people going to their cottages, but rather from people who go up to the Laurentians for the day.

"We are happy to welcome them in normal times, but currently we prefer that they stay at home," she said.

Brière explained in her interview that she wishes to protect the population of Sainte-Adèle and the residents of the surrounding area up north who have been making "great sacrifices since March."

She said she does not wish to move into the red zone and is expecting intervention from public health this week.

The Sureté du Québec (SQ) confirmed that there will be no roadblocks this weekend, but a random patrol will be tasked with raising awareness.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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