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Quebec Is NOT Going To Set Up Roadblocks To Stop Travel From Montreal To The Laurentians

... "At this point."
Quebec Is NOT Going To Set Up Roadblocks To Stop Travel From Montreal To The Laurentians

Those who were worried about encountering roadblocks between Quebec's regions need not worry, according to Premier François Legault. 

At the COVID-19 press briefing on Thursday, the premier responded to calls from some municipalities to set up such roadblocks between Montreal and the Laurentians as cases continue to mount in the province. 

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It's not necessary at this point.

Premier François Legault

The premier said that it's "not necessary" to set up barriers to travel, bringing up concerns that businesses could suffer. 

Travel between different colour zones is already discouraged and red zone residents are forbidden from participating in any activity that's banned in their own zone.

On the weekend of November 7, municipal authorities in Sainte-Adèle and Saint-Sauveur sounded the alarm over a reported swarm of red zoners that visited the region.

The mayor of Sainte-Adèle said that the government should indeed install roadblocks between regions because people are "not listening" to the government's recommendations. 

Legault, however, said that the government has no plans in the near future to restrict travel to the extent that it did in the spring.

"It would be difficult now, with all the businesses open, to put in this kind of measure," said Legault.

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