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If you've been feeling bored out of your mind lately, you're not alone. With the cold of winter combined with the curfew, there's no denying that our city has seen some more exciting times in the past. But have no fear, there's still a solid list of things to do in Montreal this weekend.

The 514 never lets us down.

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People talk about having a sweet tooth. But what about those looking for the perfect sour candy to satisfy their craving? That's exactly what one Montrealer thought when he was looking for the perfect sour belt candy, so he decided to make his own called Sour Belts.

"I was on the hunt for good sour candy for a while and always disappointed when I couldn't find any sour belts at the [depanneurs] and the ones at the dollar store were underwhelming," Eric, founder and owner of Sour Belts, told MTL Blog.

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