8 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend If You're Bored Out Of Your Mind

We all need a boredom remedy right now.
8 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend If You're Bored Out Of Your Mind

If you've been feeling bored out of your mind lately, you're not alone. With the cold of winter combined with the curfew, there's no denying that our city has seen some more exciting times in the past. But have no fear, there's still a solid list of things to do in Montreal this weekend.

The 514 never lets us down.

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But, have no fear because by next weekend museums will be open, which is something we can all look forward to.

This weekend, do something to make you happy and if you're out of ideas, why not check out the many things you can do right here in Montreal?

Get Yourself The Connect Deck Card Game

Why You Need To Try: If 2020 taught us anything, it is the importance of human bonding, and that's actually what Connect Deck helps you do.


Go Cross-Country Skiing

Why You Need To Go: It's what all the cool kids are doing these days.

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Try To Find One Of The 500 Roses Hidden In Our City

Why You Need To Go: MFLEURS hid 500 eternal roses around Montreal and if you look hard enough, you could be one of the lucky individuals to find one.

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Try Some Of The Tastiest Churros In The City

Address: 8460, boul. Lacordaire, Saint-Léonard; Radikal Dezzertz

Why You Need To Go: To dig your teeth into one of the sweetest desserts you'll ever try.

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Sign Up For A Free Personal Finance Course

Cagkan Sayin | Dreamstime

Why You Need To Do It: The McGill Personal Finance Essentials class will teach you everything from how to pay off your debt to "the art of investing" and it's free!


Taste A New Sour Candy

Why You Need To Try: Sour Belts makes amazing sour candy that's truly unlike any other treat. If you're a candy lover — I mean who isn't? — you're totally going to want to try it.

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Try To Win A Chanel Bag

Why You Need To Go: This local giveaway is worth mentioning because a Chanel bag is a pretty awesome prize. Best of luck!


Look For A Side Hustle

Why You Need To Try: Everyone can always use a little extra income. Why not check out ways that you can earn some money in our city?

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