A Montrealer Couldn't Find Any Satisfying Sour Candy So They Made Their Own (PHOTOS)

Sour Belts is "changing the sour candy game, one bite at a time."
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A Montrealer Couldn't Find Any Satisfying Sour Candy So They Made Their Own (PHOTOS)

People talk about having a sweet tooth. But what about those looking for the perfect sour candy to satisfy their craving? That's exactly what one Montrealer thought when he was looking for the perfect sour belt candy, so he decided to make his own called Sour Belts.

"I was on the hunt for good sour candy for a while and always disappointed when I couldn't find any sour belts at the [depanneurs] and the ones at the dollar store were underwhelming," Eric, founder and owner of Sour Belts, told MTL Blog.

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Opened early January 2021, the company has already built quite a following and has already built quite a loyal fanbase. 

Originally launching "The Classics," Sour Belts offered rainbow, blue raspberry and strawberry.

With so much initial success, the company has already added more flavours to the menu, including mango, pink lemonade, cotton candy, and green apple.

Courtesy of Sour Belts

The belts are available to order and offer free shipping across Canada. Know someone who also loves sour candy? You can send it to them, too!

"Changing the sour candy game, one bite at a time," as it says on the website. Get ready to join the sour candy revolution!

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