We're About To Enter The '75 Deadliest Days' On Quebec Roads

CAA-Quebec is asking everyone to "adopt responsible behaviours" on the road.
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CAA-Quebec Says We're Entering The '75 Deadliest Days' On Quebec Roads

While summer is many people's favourite season thanks to the nice weather, CAA-Quebec is warning us that it's also a very dangerous time for driving.

"Many Quebecers will be celebrating our National Holiday on June 24 and although it’s a happy time, it also marks the start of the deadliest season on Quebec's roads," a press release read.

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The time between Saint-Jean and Labour Day is described as "the 75 deadliest days on the road." In 2020, 98 people were killed on the road during that period.

CAA-Quebec is hoping to beat such statistics this year. The non-profit organization is asking that Quebecers remember to "adopt responsible behaviours" on the road, including keeping a distance between you and other vehicles, driving within the speed limit, and wearing a seat belt.

"Not only is wearing a seatbelt mandatory, it's also an easy way to prevent up to 35 deaths per year."

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