Donald Trump Jr. Called An Incident In Quebec 'Insanity' & Used It As A Strange Warning

He was referencing an event involving police in Gatineau on New Year's Eve.
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Donald Trump Jr. Called An Incident In Quebec 'Insanity' & Used It As A Strange Warning

It seems Donald Trump Jr. has caught wind of an incident that happened on New Year's Eve in Quebec, involving local police showing up to a family gathering.

On January 3, Trump Jr. responded to a tweet that shares a video of the way Gatineau police responded in an aggressive manner when they showed up to a prohibited indoor gathering.

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This is insanity and it's coming here soon if you don’t wake the hell up.

Donald Trump Jr.

The American businessman referred to what is seen in the video as "insanity."

He went on to use the incident as a strange warning for his American followers, saying similar things could occur in the U.S. if they "don't wake the hell up."

His tweet has already collected over 53k likes.

The video being shared was originally posted by Mathieu Tessier on Facebook.

Gatineau Police commented on the matter on Twitter stating, "The video shows only an excerpt of the intervention."

They go on to tell us that, "Individuals were reluctant and refused to collaborate. The individual arrested in the video had assaulted a police officer, hitting him in the face a few times."

The police claim that "Infringement = obligation to identify oneself. A 2nd person was also arrested and 6 statements of facts issued (Public Health Act)."

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