This Unique Motel 4 Hours From Montreal Has A Waterfront Terrasse Worthy Of Miami

Florida vacation vibes... but in Ontario.

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Lakeside Motel 4 Hours From Montreal Has A Dream Pool & Terrasse

You don't need to travel far to feel like you're in Florida. Ontario's Lakeside Motel, a four-hour road trip from Montreal, has a waterfront deck and pool that could give Miami a run for its money.

Not only is the motel a unique place to stay, but it's also a little piece of paradise in Prince Edward County.

Once you arrive at your destination, you'll find a large deck with tables, swings, umbrellas, and lounge chairs overlooking Lake Ontario. There's also a sauna, bar and restaurant, fire pits and — the pièce de résistance — a 70-foot pool.

It is important to note that the restaurant and pool are seasonal, which means they close the first week of October. The rest of the terrasse remains open for the month of October with campfires, beverages, hot dogs and s'mores kits still available.

If you want to stay at The Lakeside, you have some options. You can "glamp" in white tents on the grounds, rent one of 11 rooms in the motel or rent one of two small houses near the water's edge.

Rates start at around $200 per night for one of the five tents and go up to about $795 for a house, depending on the time of year.

The Lakeside Motel In Ontario

Price: Starting at $200 per night for a glamping tent

Address: 349, Main St., Wellington, ON

Why You Need To Go: This fully decked-out terrasse and pool will make you feel like you've taken a trip to Florida — but it's only a four-hour road trip away!


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Ilana Belfer
Contributing Writer
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