3 Brasseurs Now Offers New Takeout And Cook-At-Home Options

The microbrewery/restaurant launched a new takeout service featuring your favourite dishes.
3 Brasseurs Now Offers New Takeout And Cook-At-Home Options

If you love craft beer, Flammekueches, and all the tasty dishes served at 3 Brasseurs, then listen up. The microbrewery/restaurant just launched a new takeout service, "3 Brasseurs at home," so you can now order your favourite meals. 

Their takeout menu boasts all of their craft beers and colourful, authentic dishes, but also some new "grocery" and "you are the chef" options for people wanting to try their hand at cooking. Plus, the menu includes a few exclusives that aren't available for delivery. 

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The new online "grocery" store from 3 Brasseurs means you can order frozen products and cook them when you feel like savouring something from your favourite microbrewery/restaurant.

These products include sirloin cap steak, salmon, their famous Toulouse sausages plus the Mettwurst and Diot sausages. You can even personalize these dishes and get inspired by the video recipes on the 3 Brasseurs YouTube channel.

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If you're looking to get creative and have some fun in the kitchen, check out the "you are the chef" section, where you can order a set of ingredients. To prepare your own meal like a pro, just take a peek at the videos available on the 3 Brasseurs YouTube channel.

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From nachos to Flammekueches, 3 Brasseurs is sharing its signature recipes so you can enjoy them at home. If you're really looking to go the extra mile, you can even buy a Flammekueche stone to pop that baby into the oven.

But if you're not in the mood to cook and just want comforting, ready-to-eat meals to go with that premium craft beer, the options are endless.

The authentic Flammekueche is an undeniable 3 Brasseurs staple. Whether you like your Flamme spicy or vegetarian, there are tons of variations to satisfy everyone's taste buds.  Maybe you're looking to indulge guilt-free? Check out the restaurant's colourful salads. Whether you're craving a juicy burger or a gourmet sandwich (chicken, vegetarian or between two waffles!), this menu's got it all. 

Their poutines pair perfectly with their beers. You can go the authentic route or order yours topped with camembert for a French-inspired masterpiece. If you want to dig into another classic, their beer-battered fish and chips served with coleslaw will hit the spot.

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Before devouring your shrimp rolls, share a few appetizers with your guests: sweet potato fries, beer-battered fries, popcorn shrimp, tacos, and chicken wings. Satisfy your sweet tooth with either Liège waffles, orange sorbet, or brownies. (You can even go crazy and order all three; we won't judge.)

Of course, when we're talking 3 Brasseurs, we can't forget their famous beers! To quench your thirst, you can order 976 ml or 1.89 L growlers, plus their latest addition, 473 ml cans. 

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3 Brasseurs at home

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Homemade beer and comfort food

Address: You can order online and pick up in person, or you can order directly at the restaurant

Why You Need To Order: So you can enjoy classic 3 Brasseurs dishes at home.

If all this makes you drool, order your 3 Brasseurs meal online and pick it up once ready. Bon appétit!