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7 Hidden Montreal Alleyways That Are Like Our Own Little Enchanted Forests In The Fall

Perfect as a quarantine oasis. 🍂
Associate Editor
7 Hidden Montreal Alleyways That Are Like Our Own Little Enchanted Forests In The Fall

If you're going to be stuck somewhere in lockdown, consider yourself lucky it's Montreal. Why? Because this city is home to more than 300 green alleys aka ruelles vertes, which makes it perfect for long walks on narrow streets that take you to unexpected new places — or new corners of old places.

In other words, Montreal was made for exploration and adventure.

More and more green alleys are popping up as a result of a joint project between the city's boroughs and Regroupement des Éco-quartiers.

With help from the city, citizens are reclaiming dingy back alleyways turning them from literal garbage dumps into green spaces that improve air quality, increase biodiversity, promote community, and more

Plus, they can turn an average jaunt around town into something out of a storybook or postcard, especially in the fall.

They're like our own version of little enchanted forests, making them perfect as a quarantine oasis.

You can explore the city's green alleys using this map

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Ruelle Verte Cartier-Chabot

Address: The Plateau: Rue Chabot, Avenue Laurier, Rue Masson and Rue Cartier

Why You Need To Go: Fall foliage and a big beautiful tree at the entrance, which invites you to take a nature break in the heart of the Plateau.

Ruelle Verte 4e Av., 5e Av., Rosemont, Holt  

Address: Rosemont – La Petite‐Patrie: 4eme avenue, 5eme avenue, Boulevard Rosemont, Rue Holt

Why You Need To Go: Those red and orange leaves are reason enough!

Ruelle Vimont

Address: Hochelaga-Maisonneuve: Rue Adam, Rue de Ville-Marie, Rue la Lafontaine, Rue Vimont

Why You Need To Go: This alley has such a whimsical vibe about it and is sometimes adorned with cute signs and garlands.

Ruelle Verte Le Raccourci

Address: St-Michel: next to Frédéric-Back Park

Why You Need To Go: Murals and sunflowers! Plus, once you're there, check out the neighbouring 'alien park,' which will make you feel like you're on a totally different planet.

Ruelle Enchantée

Address: Rosemont – La Petite‐Patrie: Rue Bélanger, Rue Saint-Zotique Est, 25eme Avenue, 26eme Avenue

Why You Need To Go: It lives up to its name, which means "nice to meet you" thanks to colourful benches, gnomes and pinwheel spinners. They've also put out awesome Halloween decorations in the past.

Ruelle Modigliani

Address: The Plateau: Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Rue Gilford, Rue Chambord, Rue de Brébeuf

Why You Need To Go: Named after the famous Italian painter and scultpor, Amedeo Modigliani, you'll find garage art that honours his signature style.

Ruelle Beau Dommage

Address: Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie: Rue Saint-Zotique Est between Rues Saint-Denis and Rue Saint-Vallier

Why You Need To Go: Lots of fun pops of colour and tons of amazing street art — or rather garage art in this case. Should you go? As the name suggests: damn right.

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