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Montreal's festive bar scene is getting a holly jolly shake-up with the return of "Miracle." Through December 26, the seasonal cocktail sensation serves a merry mix of yuletide spirits and kitschy decor at 132 Bar Vintage. The atmosphere is cheesy and charming, making it an irresistible stop for both the Christmas-obsessed and the bah-humbug brigade.

The cocktail menu spans a dozen creatively crafted drinks that taste like Christmas in a glass. From the "Christmapolitan," a festive take on the classic Cosmo with vodka, elderflower, and spiced cranberry, to the "Snowball Old-Fashioned," where rye whiskey meets gingerbread, each drink is a merry masterpiece.

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Montreal started the week with a reminder that winter is coming. The city was covered in a substantial blanket of snow from Sunday evening to Monday morning. Environment Canada has issued a snowfall warning forecasting accumulations of up to 30 cm. The storm has brought the usual mix of traffic disruptions, power outages, and snow-capped beauty.

With temperatures hovering near the freezing mark, the snow is wet and weighty, making shoveling a more daunting task and road travel treacherous. It's the kind of precipitation that can increase the risk of power outages due to its heavy load on power lines and trees.

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'Tis really is the season, isn't it? Montreal has received its first major snowstorm of the winter season and this weekend's snowfall has been nothing short of magical.

Now, I totally get that winter isn't everyone's favourite time of year. Still, when you consider the fashion, the charm and festivities all matched with the tranquillity and beauty of a white veil of snow covering the city streets and landscapes, you've got a picture-perfect winter moment.

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Montreal is home to countless must-try restaurants but if there's one that should be near the top of your foodie bucket list, it's NoFish. The vegan poké spot is brand new to the Montreal restaurant scene and offers a total of seven plant-based poké bowls, four of which I got to try.

As someone who loves sushi and poké (and eats fish regularly), I always opt for the real deal but when news dropped that a vegan poké restaurant would be opening in Montreal's Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, I was intrigued. After discovering it was none other than Chef Christian Ventura's newest eatery, I was sold.

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Now, it's no secret Netflix Canada is home to some of the best Christmas movies that are bound to get you into the holiday spirit, but one in particular was filmed right here in la belle province.

Single All The Way, which dropped on Netflix Canada back in 2021 features a slew of big names including Michael Urie, Jennifer Coolidge, Philemon Chambers, and Kathy Najimy, and they filmed right here in Montreal.

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Some days may be frigid in Montreal, but that doesn't mean you should let the chance to skate at one of the city's best ice rinks slide by this winter. You can bundle up for a turn outdoors under a city landmark, or check out the indoor skating rink housed in the tallest building downtown.

Here are some of the best ice rinks in Montreal for you to discover:

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A unique piece of real estate history has hit the market in Quebec. For the first time in four decades, the Topping Retreat, with ties to the New York Yankees, is available for purchase. Once owned by Dan Topping, who also co-owned the baseball team during its most successful run, the estate is a living piece of sports and entertainment history. Part of it even featured on a Canadian $10 bill.

A Topping Retreat log cabin overlooking Lake T\u00e9miscaming.A Topping Retreat log cabin overlooking Lake Témiscaming.Courtesy of M Real Estate.

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Montreal in December is like a city-wide advent calendar, where each day opens a door to something special. Among those surprises is the new Montreal Casino ARcade, where gaming leaps into the future with full-body augmented reality, served with a side of specialty drinks and snacks.

Disney magic also finds its way to Montreal this winter. In a special immersive experience, visitors get the chance to step into the heart of their favourite animated classics, surrounded by 360-degree projections that bring the art and stories to life.

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Quebec will soon roll out the white carpet along with a lineup of activities that go beyond downhill skiing and snowball fights. The province's agency for outdoor adventures, Sépaq, is introducing a range of unique experiences to transform your winter.

There's an experience at the Aquarium du Québec that lets you explore the ocean world through smell. It's a unique way to connect with the marine environment without getting wet. Then there's fatbiking – regular biking amped up for winter. Bikes with oversized tires are perfect for cruising snowy trails, offering an exhilarating way to enjoy the park's wintry landscapes. For something a bit more zen, there's yoga on snowshoes. You can stretch and pose in the forest, blending mindfulness with the crunch of snow underfoot.

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As the winter season takes centre stage across Canada, now is the perfect time for a winter road trip from Montreal.

For those looking to get into the holiday spirit, the real-life Hallmark village is only a two-hour road trip from Montreal and offers up everything you'd need for a magical weekend getaway.

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The traditional "silent night" is anything but at this Montreal Christmas Village. For Festival Noël dans le Parc, the holiday season is loud and lively with music, lights, and action. The place is decked out with fairy lights and has a classic winter market vibe with its wooden chalet-style stalls and stages. You can also pick out a Christmas tree on-site from a variety of locally sourced options.

People stand in front of a stage at Festival No\u00ebl dans le Parc.People stand in front of a stage at Festival Noël dans le Parc.@festivalnoeldansleparc | Instagram

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Eastern Canada is bracing for some of the coldest air of the season, as a wave of Arctic chill is set to plunge temperatures from Ontario to Nova Scotia this week, including Southern Quebec. The frosty grip, extending all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, follows a blizzard in far Northern Canada, where Nunavut saw temperatures plummet into the -40s.

The frigid air mass is part of a polar vortex, a phenomenon that intensifies in winter, wrapping around the Arctic and occasionally sending shivers down to lower latitudes. According to The Weather Network, instability is resulting in a pronounced dip — or 'trough' — out of the Arctic, signalling a brief but intense cold spell for millions of Canadians.

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