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You Could Cheer On Your Habs On The Road With The Molson Export Rivalry Train

All aboard, hockey lovers!

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You Could Cheer On Your Habs On The Road With The Molson Export Rivalry Train
@arianeisabelle_ | Instagram, Courtesy of Molson Export

Hardcore hockey fans will know that watching a game while your team is on the road can be bittersweet. While it's always great to tune in, you yearn to be the different coloured jersey in the crowd cheering them on.

Now you can be. This February, you have the chance to achieve true superfan status and follow the Habs straight into enemy territory.

As the official beer of the Montreal Canadiens, Molson Export is bringing a crew of lucky Canadiens fans on a wild ride for the February 18th game against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Scotiabank Arena.

Picture your dream fan experience. Now, turn up the dial a little more, because that's the vibe of the Molson Export Rivalry Train.

With a two-day trip filled with behind-the-scenes and money-can’t-buy experiences, the journey kicks off with a welcome brunch at one of the Bell Center's upscale restaurants, on the morning of February 18th.

Courtesy of Molson Export

The winners will get to poke around the Habs' locker room, meet alumni and of course, snag a selfie with a cheery Youppi!. Not to mention the welcome pack full of Canadiens swag you can suit up in.

As for the road trip to and from Toronto, sit back and enjoy a full first-class experience. Meals and drinks will be provided, along with top-tier entertainment aboard the party train.

Courtesy of Molson Export

During the ride, show off your fan knowledge with various trivia-style games to win Habs gear and prizes. What better way to get your excitement brewing than getting hyped for the game alongside fellow fanatics?

The superfan treatment doesn’t end there. For the trip's peak, enjoy the game from an exclusive winners-only gondola at Scotiabank Arena. Munch on some food and enjoy your choice of the Montreal Canadiens' favourite Molson products and brews. Talk about a money-can't-buy experience!

Courtesy of Molson Export

There are two ways you can enter to win this amazing experience. You can either visit the Habs’ website and enter the sweepstakes, or you can visit your local Destination Canadiens viewing parties and enter your name to win, on-site! Visit Molson Export’s website to find all the locations. and You have two ways to enter this amazing experience.

Courtesy of Molson Export

Apart from being a once-in-a-lifetime superfan experience, a seat aboard the Molson Export Rivalry Train means representing Montreal and being the Habs' unwavering support in a big game. As a hockey lover, you really can't ask for more.

To learn more about the Molson Export Rivalry Train and to participate in the sweepstakes, check out Molson Export's website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.