Quebec Has Decided To Keep Bars Open

Legault says the majority of new cases don't come from bars.
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Quebec Has Decided To Keep Bars Open

On Thursday, Premier François Legault said public health officials were thinking about closing down Quebec's bars after a number of COVID-19 cases were linked to Montreal drinking establishments.

But Quebecers can rest easy.

It’s fun being in a big gang but it’s not the time to do that.

Premier François Legault

The government will not be closings bars in the province, Legault said Friday during a press conference.

After an evaluation, public health authorities have attributed the recent surge in novel coronavirus cases to private gatherings, an increase in testing, and infections in the health care network,* he said.

Quebec recorded 141 new COVID-19 cases reported Friday, 97 of which could be traced back to the health care sector, he said. 

Private gatherings have become a worrying source of infections, said Legault, who reminded residents that they should limit their events to 10 people, even for outdoor barbecues.  

Legault said the province would be sending inspectors to bars this weekend to ensure people are complying with social distancing rules.

*This article has been updated.

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