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Quebec’s Unemployment Rate Dropped To 4.5% — The Lowest In All Of Canada

Newfoundland and Labrador's unemployment rate was 10.5%.

Quebec City.

Quebec City.

Statistics Canada shared its August data for labour characteristics by province and Quebec's unemployment rate stood as the lowest in all of Canada at 4.5%.

The unemployment rate throughout the province was at 4.1% in July 2022, inching up by 0.4% in August. However, the figure is still (somewhat) impressive considering it falls below the national average. Additionally, Quebec's unemployment was at 5.8% in August 2021, proving that the situation has notably improved within a year.

The unemployment rate in August 2022 in Canada was 5.4%, while the rate in Ontario was 5.7%. Saskatchewan (4.9%), British Columbia (4.8%), and Alberta (5.4%) remain in close range to that of Quebec's rate. However, Statistics Canada noted that the Atlantic provinces had some of the highest figures.

Newfoundland and Labrador was the province with the highest unemployment rate at 10.5% with Nova Scotia (7.6%), New Brunswick (7.6%) and Prince Edward Island (7.3%) following behind.

According to StatCan "employment declined by 40,000 (-0.2%) in August," and "fell among youth aged 15 to 24 in August, primarily young women, as well as among people aged 55 to 64."

The August 2022 provincial labour market report for Quebec indicates that the province saw an increase of 27,200 jobs (+0.6%) while the national number of jobs decreased by 39,700 (-0.2%).

Per the report, part-time employment in Quebec increased (+55,700; +7.1%) while full-time employment decreased (-28,600; -0.8%). "The sectors in which employment increased the most, in terms of numbers, were Hospitality and Food Services (+14,000; +7.3%), Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (+9,300; +2.5%) and Wholesale and Retail Trade (+7,800; +1.2%)."

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