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In a press conference on December 15, Premier François Legault introduced even tighter restrictions in Quebec to slow the spread of COVID-19 around the holidays

Most of the new measures will be in place from December 17 to January 11 — a period Legault referred to as a "holiday pause." 

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The provincial government has announced its intention to strengthen Bill 101 aka Law 101 in Quebec. 

In a press conference on November 24, the minister responsible for the French language, Simon Jolin-Barrette, said a bill proposing major revisions to the Charter of the French Language will be tabled at the National Assembly's next parliamentary session. 

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If you haven't gotten into astrology yet, now's the time.

With Montreal in an extended COVID-19 lockdown for the next two weeks, as novel coronavirus cases continue to climb in Quebec, we could use a little guidance — courtesy of the planets and stars — to tell us what the rest of November will bring.

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