In an effort to get people to wear their masks correctly on the Montreal metro and bus networks, the STM is once again resorting to humour.

In a new campaign, the transit company is reminding customers that "there's only one way to wear" masks properly.

New signage shows "18 useless ways to wear a face covering."

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While there are many wrong ways to wear a face covering, there is only one right way.


Though "the STM has observed a growing number of customers who have become accustomed to wearing" masks, there is still a "small proportion of transit users who, through ignorance or negligence, do not wear the face-covering the right way," the company said in a statement.

The only correct use of a mask, of course, is to cover the nose and mouth.

The STM also made clear that "it's important to keep the face cover in place throughout the transit trip, both in the facility and in the vehicles."

The campaign is just the latest attempt by the STM to reach customers through humour.

This summer, it published a video on social media also showing how not to wear face-coverings.

Then, in September, it put out "mask horoscopes" for each astrological sign.

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