With a high number of COVID-19 cases and some Quebec hospitals reaching their limits, Premier François Legault announced that new measures will take effect from December 17 to January 11 — a period he called a "holiday pause."

While this means mandatory work-from-home and the closure of non-essential businesses, he also announced some positive news for people living alone in the province. 

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We'll allow a person living alone to join one family bubble.

Premier Francois Legault

Currently, Quebecers who live alone can receive one visitor at a time. 

During the holiday pause period, however, Legault said they can expand their social circle to include one family.

"What we're going to permit is that people [living] alone can go into the bubble of another family," he said.

"But it must only be one family bubble for this period."

For example, a mother or grandmother can spend an evening or two with one of her children's families between December 17 and January 11. 

Legault said it's important to be precise in order to follow public health guidelines and limit risks. 

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