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affordable homes

The Soviet Union was still a thing, Bob Gainey was captain of the Habs, and Michael Jackson was topping the charts the last time Montreal's real estate market was this out of control.

That's the message behind the National Bank of Canada's latest housing affordability report, released August 3, which says the city's home prices are climbing at their fastest pace in almost 40 years.

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The Government of Canada has just announced an investment in Montreal to build 23 affordable homes for Indigenous women and children in difficult situations.

The $1.7 million in funding will go to the "construction of a second-stage house for the Native Women's Shelter of Montreal (NWSM)." These homes will be highly affordable and will provide the people living there with access to support and community services, as well as a social pediatrics clinic.

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Montreal's housing market is interesting to say the least.

You can get a pretty big house here for half a million dollars, when the same place would cost your about 3 times as much in Toronto.

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