Montreal Is Getting A New Affordable Housing Building For Students & Rent Is $885/Month

The heart of downtown will see the construction of its first-ever residential building designed for students in Montreal.

The new building in Montreal — named Le Mildoré and designed by Montreal-based company WerkLiv — will be the first residential building to be constructed without a crane downtown.

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Courtesy Werkliv

The 100,000 square-foot residence is designed specifically for 300 students, built with custom storage and a workstation in each room, along with two shared study rooms, colour schemes tailored to students' preferences and custom furniture by Werkliv. 

Le Mildoré will be the tallest residential building in Montreal to be built of steel instead of concrete, and will only have bicycle parking. The temperature in each apartment will be controlled by a heating and cooling system that uses the building's water supply.

Rent will start at approximately $885 monthly per student, minus expenses.