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When it comes to entertainment in 2021, we've all had to get a little creative. But there are only so many TV shows you can binge-watch and hobbies you can take up and, let's be honest, Zoom parties have definitely lost their lustre.

That said, there is one thing that seems to have endured — the joy of ordering in. Getting hot, cheesy pizza delivered straight to your doorstep, for example, is a simple pleasure that will never lose its charm.

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If think you've officially played every game in the book, we're here to tell you there's one you may not have discovered yet, and it's made in Montreal! "Connect Deck" by Happy Tears is a bilingual card game that sets out to help you build more meaningful connections with the people you choose to play with — and it digs deep.

The beauty of this game is that you can play anytime, anywhere, whether it be at home with your roommates, over Zoom with someone far away, or while sitting at the park with your favourite people.

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This is the most Canadian thing you'll see today by far — Quebec police are warning the public that scammers are selling fake hockey cards for hundreds of dollars online.

The Quebec City police service (SPVQ) says that fraudsters are taking advantage of the most recent NHL first-round draft pick Alexis Lafrenière's likeness, selling cards from a pee-wee tournament he played in 2013. 

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The pandemic has inflicted significant damage to Montreal's economy since the start of COVID-19 in March. To add to financial losses resulting from the cancellation of iconic Montreal events, a slew of iconic Montreal-based stores announced closures in 2020.

Although some of these brands continue to make their products available in online stores, many of them have shut the doors of their retail locations altogether or filed for bankruptcy.

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A Montreal man wanted to propose to his girlfriend and thought of a very creative way to do so. Why not ask a magician to help out? What a brilliant idea! So innovative, heart warming and cute.

Harry Houdini would have been very proud of our very own Mahmoudini! He's been entertaining people by performing magic tricks and making everyone laugh since the age of 14.

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Montrealers are rejoicing this morning after finding out that you can buy a device which will allow you to reload your opus cards from home. It's no wonder people are happy, reloading a card can be a nightmare. No more running to the nearest station in a panic and no more waiting in seemingly endless lines. Sounds pretty good right? Or does it? Well as it turns out, you have voiced your concerns and it's worth exploring the value of this new "convenience".

Bigger companies are at risk, so why not the STM? When Starbucks rolled out their app that let's you check out with your phone, it was quickly hacked by criminals. And they didn't just steal users' Starbucks money, they used the app to infiltrate users' PayPal and drained their entire bank accounts.

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