9 Stores Montrealers Had To Say Goodbye To In 2020

They'll be missed! 😢
9 Stores Montrealers Had To Say Goodbye To In 2020

The pandemic has inflicted significant damage to Montreal's economy since the start of COVID-19 in March. To add to financial losses resulting from the cancellation of iconic Montreal events, a slew of iconic Montreal-based stores announced closures in 2020.

Although some of these brands continue to make their products available in online stores, many of them have shut the doors of their retail locations altogether or filed for bankruptcy.

Some of them were already on a downward trajectory before the pandemic. 

Either way, these stores will be missed as Montrealers bid them a tearful farewell.

Le Château

lechateau | Instagram

The iconic Montreal-based clothing retailer announced that it had begun the process of liquidating its assets on October 23. The closure will result in about 1,400 Canadian job losses — but Quebec will feel it the most, losing a business bringing revenue to the province for 60 years.*

Thyme Maternity/Addition Elle

additionelle | Instagram

If you're a plus-sized woman, this one hits you especially hard. Montreal's beloved Addition Elle — founded in 1980 — closed its doors in June of this year after its parent company, Reitmans, cited financial woes due to COVID-19. The company also closed all of its Thyme Maternity locations.

Aldo/Call It Spring/Globo

aldo_shoes | Instagram

The Montreal-based ALDO Group said in May that it was entering creditor protection due to COVID-19-related financial losses. Although the company said they'll still be "proudly" headquartered in Quebec and will reopen stores in accordance with public health guidelines, legal documents reportedly state an unspecified number of stores set to close.

Carlton Cards/Papyrus

carltoncards | Instagram

You might remember Carlton Cards from your childhood when people actually gave out cards on holidays. The American company announced in January that it would be closing all its North American stores, including 76 Canadian locations. However, if you're a Carlton Cards or Papyrus fan, other retailers will continue to sell their stock.


benchcanada | Instagram

You might have seen the British clothing brand Bench in other big retailers in Montreal, but the company said in January that all 24 of its Canadian retail locations will be closed. The company said it would be focusing on e-commerce.


davidstea | Instagram

If you're a tea fanatic, you're likely obsessed with DAVIDsTEA, Montreal's very own global tea brand. The company announced in July that it would only reopen 18 stores in Canada, with seven of them being in the greater Montreal area. It closed down 166 Canadian locations and 42 in the U.S.


dynamiteclothing | Instagram

Montreal-based Groupe Dynamite filed for creditor protection in September, closing an unspecified amount of North American stores. The company's executive chairman called COVID-19 a "corporate tsunami" in a statement.

Frank And Oak

frankandoak | Instagram

Montreal-based sustainable clothing brand Frank And Oak, founded in 2012, announced in July that it would be closing some of its Canadian locations due to the financial impact of COVID-19.

Two locations are currently open in Montreal (three if you count the men's and women's locations on Rue Stanley as separate) and the company continues to sell its products online.

According to a July Instagram post, three Montreal-area stores have closed: those at Les Promenades St-Bruno, CF Carrefour Laval and Mirabel Premium Outlets Montréal.*


lole | Instagram

Coalision, the Montreal-based parent of Lolë and Paradox activewear brands, filed for bankruptcy in the summer due to financial losses as a result of the pandemic. Its 85 Montreal head office employees are expected to lose their jobs.

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