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Happy Tears Montreal Handed Out Flowers In The Street & The Video Is Filled With Utter Joy

Living for these wholesome moments.

Happy Tears Montreal Handed Out Flowers In The Street & The Video Is Filled With Utter Joy

Nothing screams joy more than fresh flowers — especially when they're free. And since Happy Tears Montreal has the goal of making people smile, they decided to hit the streets this weekend and hand out free flowers to some pedestrians.

"As pandemic restrictions gradually lifted, we knew we wanted to get out in the streets and prioritize our goals around making people smile in real life," the creator of Happy Tears, Brandon J. Roy, told us. And boy, were they ever successful in doing so this weekend.

On Friday, September 3, Bianca Mercadante, a community member of Happy Tears, went to the Plateau to hand out bright yellow flowers to strangers and the video above shows how much each individual that received one appreciated the gesture.

"After our shared collective experience of uncertainty, stress, and maybe even darkness these past years, getting to do something as simple as handing out flowers to strangers was the perfect example of how we can connect with other humans in the purest of ways. It made me so happy to see how happy everyone was. I cannot wait to do this again," Mercadante told MTL Blog.

Happy Tears intends on making this a monthly series and is asking people to let them know where they should go next in the city. They "hope Montrealers feel inspired to follow along, share new ideas or even take it into their own hands to spread joy in their own neighbourhoods."

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