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gold medal

So here's something we didn't know until today — winning a gold, silver or bronze medal doesn't automatically come with a financial payout. The International Olympic Committee is apparently only responsible for shelling out the medals and the glory. It's up to winners' countries or Olympic committees to provide financial compensation. And, compared to some countries around the world, Canada keeps a tight budget.

Canada's certainly not the tightest of tightwads out there — according to Forbes, it doesn't pay at all to win a spot on the podium if you play for Great Britain or New Zealand, for starters. It also doesn't pay to be a Paralympian in Canada, regardless of where you place in the games.

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If you aren't already psyched to watch Canadian athletes win gold at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games, here's a whole new reason to be eager for Olympic glory: free doughnuts.

For every gold medal Canada wins, Laval-based pastry chain Mr. Puffs is giving away five free honey and cinnamon or sugar and cinnamon Puffs, which are bite-sized Greek-style doughnuts, at any one of their stores.

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Canada just won the gold medal in women's curling, and the men's team is set to rock the ice tomorrow. Our nation's mad skills at the sport aside, there a few key reason's why you should get into curling.

Curling is not the lame sport you think it is, and here's why:

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Ok ok, the title may be a tad over done and misleading but only a little bit. It is true however that not 24 hours after Carey price was married to his long time girlfriend Angela Webber he was off on a plane towards Calgary along side P.K. Subban for the Hockey Canada Olympic orientation camp.

“We had planned the wedding way in advance before this was planned. It was fortunate enough that it didn’t overlap exactly. We did have a few hours of happiness before I had to take off.”

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