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Law firm Siskinds, Desmeules Advocats has introduced a proposed class-action against Pornhub's parent company, MindGeek.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

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Have you ever been walking down one of your favourite Montreal streets and wondered what that same spot looked like 10, 50 or 100 years ago? Well, this Facebook group can potentially provide you with an answer to that!

"Montréal Past and Present" is an online space where people can share photos of Montreal throughout the ages, which has acquired over 10K followers.

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Montreal sure is known for having a large population of people with tattoos, but what you didn't know is that most Montrealer's actually get their tattoos from home-grown tattoo artists! Montreal has FABULOUS tattoo artists around every corner! So, instead of travelling the world and getting tattoos, get one right here in your city!

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Cover photo cred - Flickr

Montreal is home to some of the best concert photographers in the world. Living in such musically inclined city, it's only understandable that so many live to capture the moment and feel of the beats and sounds. First we brought to you Montreal's best nightlife photographers, the ones who shot photos of you committing your very best drunken debaucheries. Now, for the ones who continuously help us relive some of the best concerts, shows and acts that have hit the stages of Montreal, we've compiled a list of this city's absolute best concert photographers.

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