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Like every other major transportation system in a large city, the Montreal metro occasionally runs into a little problem or two. And yesterday, its problem became known as the "Lionel-Groulx waterfall" on social networks.

Thanks to Instagram user mendips.doom, we got a visual of this infamous leak.

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A gas leak has led the STM to shut down a busy stretch of the green line on Tuesday. Service is expected to resume at 2 p.m. between Angrignon and Berri-UQAM stations.

An STM spokesperson tells MTL Blog that the gas leak was caused by an issue related to a construction site outside the STM.

Emergency responders are currently on-site and evaluating the situation. 

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Holy trailer leak Batman! The Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has been leaked and it looks awesome!

Well okay except for the part where you see Ben Afleck. All of a sudden it becomes a reality that he is in fact the new batman. Guess I was in denial this whole time. In any case you can catch a glimpse of him wearing the most bad-ass version of the bat-suit ever created, and yet he still somehow manages to make it look crappy. Still this doesn't reduce my excitement for the movie. You know you can't wait to see these two juggernauts battle it out.

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Scheduled to go live on Thursday the 26th, Miley Cyrus' "Adore You" music video has leaked just in time for a last minute Christmas surprise.

"Adore You" is a full proof baby making track. It's lyrics and sound make for a sexy serenade. The song's visuals suggest the exact same. In her steamy music video, the 21 year old does a lot of touching and bathing, all of which are no surprise to us.

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