Almost overnight, masks became the norm in Quebec. But some people still seem to struggle with proper mask conduct. In response, the STM put out a video Monday morning to demonstrate how customers should NOT wear their masks.

The playful but pointed video shows a cartoon passenger making ridiculous but all-too-familiar mask mistakes, from wearing it on the forehead like a bandana to taking it off the face altogether and just carrying it in their hand.

The only proper way to wear a mask, the STM makes clear, is to cover the nose and mouth.

The STM did not immediately respond to a question about whether it has seen a large number of riders with improper mask conduct. This article will be updated when we receive a response.

Face-coverings have been mandatory on public transit in Quebec since July 13, and though the STM previously told MTL Blog that the vast majority of its customers are complying with the rule, a few viral videos have shown confrontations between the mask-wearing and the mask-less.

But even in these rare instances, the company has said it opts for an approach that favours raising awareness rather than "coercion" and penalties.

STM employees are prepared to give masks to people who enter stations or buses without them.

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